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If you’re searching for top taxi services in your area, we offer a range of passenger transport solutions in and around campbelltown Australia. You’ll enjoy a safe and reliable service that caters to all your needs—a vehicle service ideal for both vacationers and business travelers. We’re able to assist with wheelchair transfers and medical appointments, along with oversized loads that include surfboard or fishing equipment.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Babies/children 6 months up to 12 months

Children under 6 months must be in a suitable and properly fastened/adjusted rearward facing restraint. Children 6 months or older but less than 12 months must be in either a rearward facing restraint or a forward facing restraint with in-built harness. These rules are the same for all vehicles.

Children 12 months up to 16 years

In taxis, children 12 months or older but under 16 years old must be in an independent seating position either on a booster seat and use a seatbelt that is properly adjusted and fastened or must use a suitable seatbelt that is properly adjusted and fastened.

Children sitting in the front seat

No passenger under the age of 4 years may sit in the front seat, and no passenger under the age of 7 years may sit in the front seat, unless the back seats are also occupied by children under 7 years. This rule is the same for all vehicles.

All taxis have anchor points for child restraints. Some taxis carry child restraints. To book a Silver taxi as per your requirements contact your Silver Taxi Sydney

 In NSW, a minimum of 10% of the taxi fleet is required to be fitted with child restraint.

CTSC Service understands the importance of educating our Drivers on transporting passengers with assistance animals. Assistance animals are welcome in all CTSC Service and count as 1 passenger.

Refusal to carry an assistance animal by any Driver is against the law.

You must be able to provide an access card identifying your companion as an assistance animal if requested by the Driver.

Transport of non-assistance animals is at the discretion of the Driver and may be subject to the taxi cab owners policies.